UYN Men's Washi Shoes Y100097 | White

$199.00 USD


UYN Men's Washi Shoes Y100097 is ultralight, breathable. The characteristics of PAPER COTTON, the high performance 100% plant-based material, make UYN WASHI the perfect shoe even when your feet have to face the most challenging days. Its use in the inner part of the upper makes this model light, soft and extremely breathable. The PAPER COTTON, in fact, is a material that weighs three times less than traditional cotton, has a strong ability to absorb moisture and has a high bacteriostatic effect that limits the formation of bad odors. In addition to comfort, UYN WASHI offers a perfect support to the foot thanks to the REBOUND SHIELD. This internal flexible structure is placed in a strategic position in-between the two layers of the upper and makes the shoe extremely elastic. The innovative U-CONTROL sole, made with a high quality EVA midsole, is responsive, dynamic and allows to maintain the perfect control at every step. The UYN WASHI line offers a range of colors that give a casual, summery and fashionable look.

- UYN shoes are the first sock-derived shoes that combine flexibility and stability.

- PAPER COTTON is a 100% natural fiber three times lighter than cotton able to ensure an extreme lightness to the shoe upper. The properties of the paper inside the yarn allow the shoe to absorb moisture quickly, prevents the formation of unpleasant odors thanks to a high bacteriostatic action and screen UV rays harmful to the health of the skin

- The introduction of REBOUND SHIELD makes UYN shoes 20% lighter and 20% more flexible, improving performance in terms of mobility, torsion and overall weight. Its strategic position in-between the two layers of the upper provides an additional waterproof layer in the areas most exposed to moisture without compromising the breathability of the shoe.

- The U-CONTROL sole with high quality EVA midsole gives great responsiveness to the shoe and perfectly cushions any impact with the ground.The rubber tread offers maximum grip on any terrain.

- Ecological and antibacterial insole made of hemp. It prevents the formation of bad odors even after many hours of use.

- Lace system with traditional laces designed to ensure maximum adherence to the shoe. LACE FRAME made of recycled microfiber.




REBOUND SHIELD is the innovative patent solution created by UYN designers to make our shoes even more performing. A special internal structure integrated into the footwear that provides the perfect connection between the upper and the sole and ensures extraordinary properties in terms of lightness and flexibility. With the features of REBOUND SHIELD, UYN shoes become 20% lighter and 20% more elastic, elements that ensure perfect walking support and great responsiveness at every step. The strategic position of the REBOUND SHIELD ensures an additional waterproof layer in the areas most exposed to external moisture without compromising the breathability of the shoe.
Hemp fabric is made using fibers from the stalks of the Cannabis sativa, a plant that has been recognized as a source of extraordinary durable textile fibers for thousands of years. We chose this natural fabric to make the insole of your UYN shoes. Hemp is the most durable natural textile and highly resistant to pilling. At the same time it provides excellent ventilation, moisture absorption and a bacteriostatic effect. Hemp insole cools your feet in summer and keeps the skin dry.
When running, the first contact with the ground causes impact forces on the body. The U-Control Sole absorbs these forces – supported by the EVA material and structure of the entire midsole. While keeping the sole flexible, responsive, low-abrasion rubber U-shaped elements cushion the impact of the road. Full control with every step.
Paper Cotton is a 100% plant-based technical yarn with amazing active performances. It is derived from Manila hemp, following the traditional Japanese “Washi” paper making process, and blended with cotton to increase lightness and freshness. The result is a natural material that, thanks to its specific weight of 0.5 g/cm3, is three times lighter than cotton (1.54 g/cm3). The union of these two yarns allows Paper Cotton to maintain all the properties of paper fibers, which has a great ability to absorb moisture quickly and effectively, has an excellent bacteriostatic effect preventing the formation of bad odors and shields UV rays that are harmful to health. PAPER COTTON gives the highest level of comfort to the skin without the least environmental cost. In fact, the Manila Hemp used to produce the yarn is grown without the use of pesticides and its cultivation is of great help to native biodiversity.