Mac Jeans Dream Denim Straight Legs 5401-90-355L | D010 White

$240.00 USD


A Dream! Mac Jeans Dream Denim Straight 5401-90-355L four way stretch technology is absolutely amazing. It is said you look 10 pounds thinner. You will love the way they look and feel. Wear them with a tee shirt or silk top, belt, a cute pair of shoes or sneakers and you are good to go! Imported from Germany, Robertson Madison is proud to offer you a sensational fitting pair of jeans. 

  • Straight fit
  • 5 pockets
  • Sizing is European, it is recommended to size up one size due to color.


  •  48% PES (13% recycled), 47% CO 
  • Dream denim is an innovative hyperstretch fabric with the
    ultimate shaping effect. Due to its high polyester content, it
    offers excellent elastic recovery and a soft touch. This guarantees unique wearability for all body shapes, flattering the female silhouette in a fit that can be worn one size smaller. It is sustainable thanks to the use of reused cotton and recycled polyester. The cotton is exclusively obtained from BetterCotton™ sources and affiliates