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Have you started to move summer clothes out of your closet and replace them with your sweaters and coats? I have not yet and need to make it a priority. As we transition into winter, we need to go through our closets and dressers and assess our essentials. Proper underpinnings are the key to a good wardrobe. Every six months or so you need to evaluate, eliminate and replace. I believe layers are the only way to dress. I wear a camisole nearly every day. My cami of choice is a Rosemunde Silk Tank, either style 5135 with the wide lace bottom (great with skinny bottoms and leggings) or style 5357, which is shorter and works well when I am belting and tucking. Their content is silk and cotton which is great all year long. This fabric content offers temp control features and makes these essentials lovely on, sexy and comfortable. Rosemunde also has the Billie Tank which is another fabulous under layer it adds a touch of femininity and beauty to neck and hemlines. They add a little luxury to your day. I even sleep in them. Skinny Tee Cami 100 and Tank 101 are smoothers, we have offered for several years. Made in Detroit (another female owned business we support) they are perfect under nearly everything. Do not forget you need warm cozy socks, new leggings and modern classic crew neck sweaters and tee shirts, turtlenecks and jeans! We have them all! I challenge to you to take a good look at your wardrobe needs and shop now. We just received a bunch of new socks, filled in our Skinny Tees, Rosemunde tanks and our favorite fuzz remover GLEENER are perfect for refreshing your favorites sweaters from those awful pills! Below are all the reminders of what we need to assess and replace!

Rosemunde Babette Silk Tank 5357

Rosemunde Long Vintage Lace Silk Tank 5315
Rosemunde Billie Strap Two Tone Cami 4217
Skinny Tees 102 Basic Tank
Skinny Tees 100 Basic Cami
Skinny Tees Long Sleeve Scoop Neck
Hanky Panky Cross Dyed Signature Original Rise 591054P
Hanky Panky Signature Original Rise 4811P
B.ELLA Althea Stripped Crew Socks 0529
B.ELLA Gia Snowflake Crew Socks 0618
Gleener Travel Gleener On The Go Fuzz Remover
November 02, 2020 — Linda Palo

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