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We have everything you need. In just 3 week we will be celebrating Thanksgiving. Where has 2019 gone? I compiled three our newest brands we started working with this year and I am proud to share they are all run by women, Henriette Steffensen, Parronchi Cashmere and Alice & Trixie. These styles are fabulous dress to impress looks which I am happy to present to you.

Henriette Steffensen Copenhagen established in 2003 has just begun to deliver to the United States. My friends, Lines of Denmark introduced me to line, and I think it is AWESOME! We are offering a capsule collection of tunics, cardigans, ponchos and jackets which are plush, cozy and comforting. The perfect topper for the big Italian dinner ahead of me.

Henriette Stephensen Copenhagen | Open Cardigan | True Cardigan


Henriette Steffensen Copenhagen | Tunic | True Fleece

Henriette Steffensen Copenhagen | Patchwork Cardigan | True Fleece


Parronchi Cashmere is a family owned business which began in the 50's and has evolved into Parronchi Cashmere today. Antonella & Annalisa Parronchi joined the business to keep the traditions of the family farm, ensuring fashion trends, continues to favor the use of precious raw materials, natural fabrics and handcrafted finishes authentically Made in Italy.

Parronchi Cashmere | Cashmere Cape with Fox Color | 100% Cashmere | Blush

Parronchi Cashmere | Rolled Neck Pull Over Sweater | 100% Cashmere | Blush

Parronchi Cashmere | Rolled Cowl Neck Sweater | 100% Cashmere | White

Parronchi Cashmere | Cashmere Blend Cape with Genuine Fur Pockets | Red


Alice & Trixie is Angela Taylor George's lifelong passion. After an extensive career as a buyer, showroom owner and graduate of FIT she launched Alice & Trixie in 1997. A playful tribute to a sitcom of the 50's The Honeymooners. A native New Yorker, Angela's designs are playful and sexy. She and her team draw inspiration from pop culture, art, travel and interior design.

Alice & Trixie | Deandrea Top | 100% Silk | Urban Cheetah Saffron

Alice & Trixie | Alexane Dress | 100% Silk | Mod Jaguar Print

Alice & Trixie | Rooney Top | 100% Silk | Sapphire 


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November 07, 2019 — Linda Palo

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