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Captiva Cashmere Alta Featherweight Shawl Captiva Cashmere Finezza Shawl Captiva Cashmere Triangle Wrap
Captiva Cashmere Ravenna  Feather Weight Print Shawl

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Luxury fashion scarves are a make-or-break accessory to any cold-weather outfit. Because it is wrapped around your neck, the sense of lavish comfort from a scarf is front and center on your outfit. From the observer’s point of view, your scarf can be used to accent both color and texture in your outfit, and convey a sense of seasonal coziness or comfort that most accessories cannot deliver. For the well-dressed woman, a wide range of scarves is necessary to provide a complement to any outfit: cashmere scarves for a classic wrap and a complement to a more formal outfit or Captiva scarves or stoles to add a full-textured appeal to your top. Our Tilo scarves provide a little bit more color and more pop and are a great complement to standard pieces like denim or plain-colored tops. Even though at its core it’s a long strip of fabric, your scarf says a lot about your style and personality. Shop accordingly with our luxury catalog of scarves for women.