Natures Collection Maxi Glory Shopper Bag Lamb NCF16520 | White

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Natures Collection Maxi Glory Shopper Bag Lamb NCF16520 is something very special! It exudes quality and exclusivity with its finest lambskin fur from New Zealand. Once you have the bag in your hand or over your shoulder, you will have a hard time leaving it lying around.

Details: Shopper
Material: Certified lambskin from New Zealand
Dimensions: 43 x 43 cm

Our Maxi Glory Shopper is super nice, as it has a shape and thus gets an elegant look. In addition, the bag comes in both beige, white and pink, so you can find the variant that fits into your wardrobe. In addition, the bag consists of one large compartment and a small compartment, which can be found inside the bag. That way, you can easily separate phone, keys, wallet or anything else from the remaining contents of the bag, which is why this is a bag that you will not be able to forget!