FC Creations Necklace 14K Diamond Pave Lobster Claw Chain w/Pave Dog Tag | White Gold 1.01 Carats

$2,400.00 USD

Diamond weight

FC Creations 14K Diamond Pave Lobster Claw Chain with the accompanying Pave Diamond Dog Tag is a captivating accessory. The Pave Dog Tag is detachable from the Lobster Claw, creating two extravagant appearances. This stunning necklace is complemented by its paper clip chain, and two sided pave diamond lobster claw. 


  • 14K gold
  • 18 inch paper clip chain
  • Gold weight: 1.92 grams
  • Pave diamond lobster claw
  • Diamond weight 0.33
  • G-00001

Dog tag:

  • 14K gold
  • Gold weight: 2.47 grams
  • Pave diamonds
  • Diamond weight 0.68 carats
  • P-4059-W